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How long have you been riding the Falcon train?

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I still have my ticket stub and program from the Falcons first game ever.

An exhibition game against the Eagles. The date was Aug 1st 1966.

The program cost .50 cents.

I went to Black Mountain NC to watch them practice.

I have pictures of my daughter and Randy Johnson the first

Falcon QB.

I was told to leave the practice field by "The Dutchman" Coach

Norm VanBrocklin because I was taking pictures of practice

with a telephoto lens.

I bought my first season tickets in the 70's.

Its been a long and bumpy ride but I've loved every minute of it.

I'm just as excited now as I was 42 long years ago.


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I learned about the NFL midway through the 2005 season - got sick and tired of three of my friends always discussing this game I knew nothing of. So I forced one of them to come to my place on sundays and explain the game to me - this went on about a month - I didn't really catch on to any of the teams - until I saw the Thanksgiving game that year - to see Dunn and Vick run all over the Lions, that was a thing of beauty and during that game my blood turned from red to black and red.

Seeing the game last sunday just brought back the memories - fantastic!

The next season I started following this messageboard and now after I moved from Denmark to Hungary to work - I bought and installed a Slingbox back in Denmark so I can catch the NFL games shown on Danish TV (not that we get the Falcons games that often) and the rest I have to download midweek - no other option for the Falcons games here.

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Since moving to Atlanta as a kid in 1968... First memories of Falcons were RB Cannon Ball Bultler, QB Bob Berry?, and Claude Humprehy...

Still think the team that got beat by Dallas in ~79-80 was the best team we ever had, and Williams Andrews was the greatest Falcon ever to play - period.

So, that would put me in as a fan around 40 years, and been a season ticket holder for about ~25...

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1985 was when I began watching consistently, I was 8. Don't remember Bartkowski, my first Falcons memories are of Gerald Riggs, David Archer, Bobby Butler, Stacey Bailey, and Scott Case.

I lived through the debacles of Aundray Bruce, Jeff George, and Michael Vick...and I think I'm a better man because of it. ^_^

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