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Moreno finally gets his due.


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Running back Knowshon Moreno's leap over a would-be Central Michigan tackler made ESPN SportsCenter's top plays on Monday morning.

And it got plenty of airtime during the network's College Football Live on Monday afternoon.

Georgia fans and coach Mark Richt were miffed as to why they didn't see the play Saturday night or Sunday on the network.

Richt said that ESPN "missed the boat or didn't do their homework" when they didn't show the highlight in the aftermath of the game.

College Football Live host Rece Davis playfully jabbed back after the program showed Moreno's leap and more of his highlights near the start of its show Monday.

"We're going to hop aboard the Good Ship Knowshon, Destination Heisman Cruise now," Davis said. "I think that's enough for coach Richt."

The outcry among Georgia fans came after they watched SportsCenter, the network's flagship highlight show, and didn't see the Moreno highlight over the weekend.

"We provide scores and highlights of numerous games within a limited time frame, this is one play out of hundreds that did not make it into the show," ESPN spokesman Mike Humes wrote in an e-mail on Monday. "Highlight decisions are subjective. It was definitely an exciting play, and that was reflected in SportsCenter as one of the Top 10 plays, which is a common way we show highlights that are exciting yet not necessarily critical to the game outcome."

After showing the Moreno leap yet again, Davis mentioned the network was chastised for not showing it.

"How many times have you seen it in the show now?" he joked.

Moreno was named the Southeastern Conference's Offensive Player of the Week after rushing for 169 yards on 18 carries, tying a career-high with three touchdowns in the 56-17 victory. Moreno also had three catches for 30 yards.

Spurrier's son now involved in Gamecocks' playcalling

South Carolina's offensive playcalling is now a collaborative effort.

Gamecocks coach Steve Spurrier made his son, Gamecocks receivers coach Steve Jr., the principal playcaller this offseason, but still has his hand in the offense.

"I've called a whole bunch of them," the Gamecocks head coach said. "Yeah, we're sort of doing it together, but I've actually called a whole bunch of it. I'm responsible for it. We go over what goes in all the time and this, that and the other.

"But obviously when you lose last week and the offense is sputtering we're evaluating how to do better at that, too. So we're not certainly dead set on the way we've been doing things around here."

The Gamecocks are 10th in the SEC in scoring (25.5 points per game) and ninth in total offense (347.0 yards).

Richt gave playcalling duties to Mike Bobo late in the 2006 season. Now Spurrier is going in a similar direction.

"I don't know if it will be different," Georgia defensive coordinator Willie Martinez said. "I know it's going to be a tough game like it is every year. I don't know how much different it will be. They've lived in the same household for so many years, and they're very good coaches. I expect a lot of the same."

Penalties a problem?

Georgia is the third-most penalized team in the nation ahead of only Utah and Texas Tech. The Bulldogs have been penalized 20 times for 140 yards

"That's the No. 1 issue with me right now is the penalties," Richt said. "Even a defensive offsides is not smart. When guys are trying to get off with the cadence, it's going to happen every once in a while."

Georgia was the third-most penalized team in the SEC last season. SEC and national champion LSU was penalized the most.

"We have to be more disciplined," Richt said. "(Against Georgia Southern), we allowed drives to continue when we had a third-down stop and a penalty and gave them a first down. We can't afford that."

This and that

Will there be a switch on who will handle Georgia's kickoffs this week? Blair Walsh isn't saying if it's him or Jamie Lindley. "I can't say anything," Walsh said. "It's just the coach's wish." ... Georgia had 36 running plays and 33 passing plays against Central Michigan. "You're always looking for balance, you're always looking to do things equally well because defenses certainly can take one or the other away," Richt said. "If you're good at both, you've got a chance. I was pretty pleased with that." ... The captains against South Carolina are Mohamed Massaquoi (offense), Rennie Curran and Geno Atkins (defense) and Ramarcus Brown (special teams).

Hybrid getting UGA's attention:

Georgia’s defense will be reintroduced this week to the tight end position.

The spread offenses of Georgia Southern and Central Michigan didn’t complete a single pass to a tight end in the Bulldogs’ first two games. The Bulldogs saw their share of four wide, no tight end sets in those games.

That is bound to change Saturday against South Carolina. Its most dangerous weapon in the passing game could be junior Jared Cook now that it looks like wideout Kenny McKinley is probably a no-go because of a strained hamstring.

Cook had eight catches for 111 yards against Vanderbilt, a game that South Carolina played the final three quarters without McKinley.

“He is a tight end, but he’s really a receiver,” Georgia coach Mark Richt said Tuesday. “He splits out a lot. He’s been a go-to guy for them, a big, 6-5, 240-pounder who runs well and has played tremendously well for them.”

Cook is a North Gwinnett product that camped at Georgia.

“They want to get the ball to him,” Georgia defensive coordinator Willie Martinez said. “He’s a very good athlete. He really started to come and make some plays at the end of the year last year. They started to throw the ball to him more.”

Georgia should use its 4-3 look more since South Carolina uses two-back sets. That means having a strongside linebacker like Darryl Gamble, Akeem Dent or Darius Dewberry--back from a two-game suspension--on the field.

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