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Shawne Merriman


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Local San Diego radio reported that Merriman has elected to have the surgery, and will be placed on IR later this week. How much motivation do you think he got after seeing Brady go down, and Young's injury and alleged ill treatment of his coach. It could also be that he was just disappointed after the loss on Sunday. Merriman did leave the field for a while on Sunday, sometime in the second quarter if I remember correctly, but I think he came back. Either way, I think he is making the right call, no need to risk a career playing on a bum knee.


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The crazy thing is, his knee is in worse shape than Brady's - I thought from the beginning it was rediculously stupid of him not to get the surgery

He is what, 26 years old? I don't know how much he has left on his contract, but it certainly doesn't take care of him until he is 35. His decision to play was foolish to me. His life though, I am just glad he came around. I'm still a bit down on him because of the whole juice nonsense, but he has talent. There is no denying that.

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