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South Carolina - UGA Sig bet..


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Okay now that we have some takers here are the rules for this sig bet:

If SC wins then the uga fans will have to use a signature of the sc fans choosing for a week. That is the only signature that will be allowed for the week. It will start Sunday at Midnight (monday morning - gives a day to get the sig) through Saturday Midnight (after all the saturday football games). If UGA wins the SC fans will need to do the same. Nothing real derogatory or crude, just something funny and in the spirit of the bet. Sound okay?

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If you can get a third SC fan to do it I'll join in. No point in having a lot of Georgia fans and only a couple of SC fans. An interesting twist would be the loser (SC) has to wear the sig until the winner (UGA) loses a game. But I guess that would be too cruel. ;)

i have a feeling we will only have 2 sc fans join since the other ones want to talk about sc winning for a sure thing, but won't jump in here. :P

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