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Fire and Brimstone


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Hey guys,

Been on here a while now and wanted to respond to some posts but they always seem to be negative but there is one post right now that is really positive and it's a common idea around here to give someone a nickname, but this time it is warranted because we will depend on these 2 guys constantly and that's Turner and Norwood. I do apologize for starting another thread on this but giving that the other thread is a million pages long I felt that the names I have matches well with what we do and what we are as a team. It also matches the already well known name of our QB Matty Ice. Please don't shut me down if you don't like the names.............

I think we should call Turner and Norwood............. Fire and Brimstone

Matt will be our Ice

Turner will be our Brimstone

Norwood will be our Fire

Fire, Ice, and Brimstone :rolleyes::D;):lol:

If not a great or well received idea, then I'm sorry. I liked it and thought that it would be well liked. Hopefully this starts a trend and it gets recognized nationwide once we establish these 3 stars on a consistent basis.

Tell me what you guys think and if you've heard and agreed on something better.

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I agree wholeheartedly, but when it is actually warranted then it brings our fanbase together as a community. It gives us something to chant during games that stirs the opposing team. It's frightening to the other team when they hear Deuce, deuce, deuce or if they hear freak in reference to jevon kearse. it makes that qb look twice to that side. it makes that safety come up on a play action fake. It keeps the 12th man alive!

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