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Some more viewpoints from Detroit....

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Here's a link to an in-game blog from the Detroit Free Press. I think we can feel his pain.


I've picked out a few of the more interesting comments below:

1st qtr

13:33: OK, so Matt Ryan's back to pass for his first throw of his.... You can not be serious. A seam route to Michael Jenkins, and it goes 62 yards for a touchdown. The extra point by Jason Elam (yes, he's a Falcon now) is good. 7-0.

I know, I know. We've seen this before. It's early folks.

8:15: Falcons take over at their own 20, and on the first drive. Ryan on a third-and-short, to a wide-open Roddy White for a first down. No wonder they got rid of Joey.

7:34: Did I say the defense "improved?" After the first down, Michael Turner, you know, of "I'm gonna draft him on my fantasy team because I've got L.T., too" runs 66 yards for a touchdown. Elam's extra point helps drop the collective jaw of Lions fans everywhere.

3:43: After backup running back Jerious Norwood fakes the flea-flicker (say that three times fast) and runs 17 yards, Turner nearly fumbles the handoff, stiff-arms Paris Lenon and runs another 29 yards. Add a facemask penalty for a first and goal.

3:25:Turner, up the middle for the touchdown. (112 yards, 2 TDs if you started him, by the way).

Hey Lions: Um.... What???

1:01: After a first-down grab by the Transformer, John Abraham puts Kitna in a familiar position: On the ground. The first sack of the season. Minus eight yards.

So, that's the end for the first quarter. Don't worry, it can't get worse. The Lions gave up nine first downs, 216 yards and 21 points. OK, maybe it can get worse.

Second quarter

13:20: Many people thought Turner was good enough to be a starter when he was stuck behind Tomlinson. Many people were right, as Turner literally runs through the interior defense for 11 yards.

:16: WOW! (All caps were needed there) What an incredible catch by Roy in the corner of the end zone for the touchdown. The Lions will go into halftime down a touchdown and they get the ball first in the third quarter.

I know the play is under review but, c'mon, there's no way, right? The Lions really hve a chance here... To disappoint all in the third quarter. (No, wait, that's too negative) To come back and win this thing.

3rd qtr

12:10: Kitna going deep on third down... Intercepted by Lawyer Milloy (I thought he retired, too). Falcons ball at midfield.

Pearson: "Kitna's got no one to yell at on that one but himself."

9:50: The Lions slow down the mighty Falcons offense just enough to allow a 50-yard field goal by Elam. He made that one just to prove to everyone that thought he was only good because he kicked in the thin air of Colorado all those years.

9:02: You know, for someone who wants to throw the ball so much, Kitna has looked better. Several overthrows and "intriguing" decisions.

And that's followed by Kitna running for the first down, but sliding a yard short. Lions punt. I think they're just waiting for the perfect time to take the lead... Which would have been an hour and a half ago.

6:45: Matt Ryan looks like a eight-year pro on this play action and deep throw to (Rod) Roddy White down to the Lions 10. I guess Spartan and Chippewa fans have seen this act before.

6:02: There goes the halftime momentum. Jerious Norwood zips past the would-be tacklers for a 10-yard touchdown run. The Elam extra point opens up a 17-point lead. Welcome back, NFL. Could this truly be the shortest season in history?

The quarter ends on a crazy reverse by the Falcons that's called back on a block in the back. The Lions better hope for a bunch more of those because that's the only way they've been able to stop Atlanta. The tackling methods (don't even get me started on their tackling over the years) are not what anyone would call "good."

Fourth quarter

Period begins with an 11-yard run by Turner, highlighted by several almost-tackles.

11:55: TURNER CANNOT BE STOPPED. Another touchdown... Oh, wait, a Falcons penalty. There's that Lions defense, hard at work, drawing penalties.

He's got 196 yards rushing. That's a double wow.

10:47: Elam chips in another three-pointer from 25 yards out. The lead is now 13 for Atlanta. You know what's really cool about the NFL? Nothing's a given. I heard not one person who said the Falcons would lose this one. Be honest, you didn't think this would happen, did you?

4:50: As Paris Lenon hobbles off the field, Michael Turner, in his first game with the Falcons, breaks the team's single-game rushing record. Only the Lions, right?


2:00: May I have everyone's attention please? There are two minutes left in the football game. That is all.

1:41: Vasgersian: "Ryan will become only the eighth rookie quarterback to win in the opener." That's just awesome.

The Lions are out of timeouts,and now, out of time.

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