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Many Experts predicted a 1-15 season


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It's still real early and we played a very crappy team today. I'm thrilled with the result obviously but the Sucs are waaaaaaaaaay better than the Cry-ions......

But all of the prognosticators can kiss my a**. I could care less what any of those jackholes say. Once training camp starts I'm so focused on the Falcons that I really don't listen much to any outside noise.

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Well, there is our 1 Win. Time to lose 15 in a row. :lol:

Get your eggs ready. There may be a lot of media faces around at the end of the season waiting for us with a big, red bullseye on their nose.

Let's get win #2 next week before we start trashing media the guys. As it stands right now the relatively few that said we'd be 1-15 could still be right.

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