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tied for first place


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i know its only week one, but this win is but a stepping stone to what noone is paying attention to but us. very few gave us a chance,very few knew what we had,& very few knew that this dynasty had just begun....it will take 2-3-4 more years, but this is going to be the next dynasty, and we are rising from the ashes of last year & our past history.....1st win,first game.rookie qb,renovated dome,over the stigma that was #7,pro coaches with exp & sb wins,free agents that step up,& team concept just to name a few reasons & the list could go on.....falcon fans,... get used to being respected sooner than later & enjoy whats to come......& as far as the tb trolls that come in here...ignore them...they will dissappear next year & for years to come when they are trying to emmulate us instead of making sure they have 5 qbs, 2 rbs & an average at best offence....d has been good for years....kiffen deserves his props..imo

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