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I was on the Turner-Ryan wagon from DAY 1


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I want to see how many of these same peeps jump off that bandwagon if we struggle down the road (I hope we don't).

I guess the same number of the peeps jumping ON the wagon after this win...

I liked Turner from DAY 1 and I couldn't stand Dunn (I like Norwood but I don't believe he can be a 20 carries Rb)

I liked the Ryan pick even if I didn't believe it was a good idea starting him in the first game

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I still want to see Ryan without the lead where he's forced to make throws, but looked good today. He had a few WTF throws, but also a couple of beautiful throws. So far he has done exactly what was needed of him so I can't say anything bad. I was happy with Turner from day one, though. The Lions could not tackle him to save their lives.

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