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Not sold yet.......

Lord Draakus

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Like everyone I'm so glad to see the season begin. I'll be front and center every Sunday for the next 16weeks watching our beloved Falcons try to reestablish some kinda new identity in the league led by our 38million dollar future. Good QB yes........Confident absolutely......Able to be coached and be effective....Definately............Ready to start....At this point I'll give him props over Leinart the first year he started......Talented................................Verdicts not in yet I watched Ryan in college at BC and I'm not convinced that he has the " IT " factor. Props to Mike Smith and the coaching staff. Definately the best we've had since Dan got sacked. The hope I have that springs eternal is that he is being coached properly and that he just maybe our guy...../crossed fingers Alot of people on the board are already convinced but even those fans have to admit that he's gotta show us something. I think the division games will bring in the final verdict. So Godspeed Matt Ryan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even with all the mixed opinions on this board I think we all can agree we want to see the cream rise to the top. Be Fearless and Bold and mighty forces will align themselves and come and fight by your side.

GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lifes a game U gotta play it while U can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yeah I am very pumped up about the new season. But I have been an NFL fan for about 44 years or so now, and a huge Falcon fan for the last 28 years I have lived in Atlanta. So, I am also realistic enough to know we haven't seen anything yet, and Matt will still have a painful learing experience this year.

But I really feel like hiring Dimitroff, who then hired Smitty, is a major improvement and the turning point for this franchise. The Falcons have only had 2 good coaches IMHO in the 28 years I have been a fan: Dan Reeves and Lehman Bennett (hope I spelled the name correctly). Some fans who have been around longer than me, tell me Norm Van Brocklin was also a good coach, but that was before my time.

I think we finally have a GM who can manage a roster, and a coach who can lead that roster.

But time will tell - eh? B)

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Most on the board are singling out players when the most impressive thing about this years team has been coaching...to be more specific .....play calling. We no longer have any Top tier MVP talent. Good players but lets face it.....the whole team has got something to prove ......rookies and vets. Hopefully that can work for us. Better coaching will win todays game against the Lions and the other 15 to come because the lions and every other team we play this year has more talent.

Go Falcons

Lifes a game U gotta play it while U can!!!!!!!!!!

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