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Georgia- South Carolina predictions


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Who's the winner, sir? :D

Duh, 31, of course

WOW, what do they teach you guys down there?

Seriously, I have no clue what's going to happen in that game. I can see UGA getting things going very early, the boo birds coming out, and this being the beginning of the end for Spurrier at USC. I can also see the USC defense causing a couple of turnovers and the Gamecocks staying pretty close until finally finding a way to win it.

I watched most of the UGA game today and the offense looked dominant. But even the CMU coordinator said prior to the game that their offense could compete, but the question would be could they do anything at all on defense. Now we know the answer to that.

But UGA's defense, while very active and capable didn't seem to be a overpowering to me. They might turn out to be the equal of their offensive counterparts but they didn't really show it today IMO. If the CMU qb would have played the same way he's been playing since taking over there, the game would have been much more competitive, especially early. He's known to be a very mobile and atheletic qb but I didn't see him trying to take advantage of that ability at all in the first half. At the beginning of the 2nd half he began to scramble around and make some plays. They couldn't hope to beat UGA if they played them 10 times, but they could have made it an entertaining game if he would have been more willing to run with it in the first half.

Do you disagree with my analysis of the game today?

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