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If you had to pick ONE key to victory for the Lions game tomorrow?


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For me if I had to pick one thing that will directly effect the outcome it's go to be getting pressure on Kitna. I think if we are able to get pressure or manufacture some pressure on him our corners will be okay. It has the potential to be a really long day if we don't get any.

Abe will have to get a couple of sacks to make Kitna uncomfortable in the pocket. If we can't get pressure with our front four then we are going to have to blitz extra men. If he gets time he has the WR's to shred our secondary.

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the smart *** answer is us scoring more points then them.........................

but for the purpose of discussion

Us running the football effectively.......we do that and we are good.

, If Kitna is standing on the sideline we dont need to get pressure on him

Yeah well that too.

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Good offensive line play. If we can run the ball and protect Ryan that will keep their offense off the field and our defense. I'm not particularly impressed with their offense, but we need confidence.

Their passing game scares the crap out of me. We have to run it right down their throat and sustain drives for TDs and not FG attempts! Control the clock and keep their offense off the field with ten minute, smashmouth, power running drives.

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