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Madden 09 Falcons Updates

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RG Harvey Dahl – Added to Falcons

CB Wilrey Fontenot – Released by Falcons

DT Montavious Stanley – Released by Falcons

WR Joe Horn – Released by Falcons

DT Tim Anderson – Released by Falcons

RG Kynan Forney – Released by Falcons

LB Robert James – Released by Falcons

S Daren Stone – Released by Falcons

LB Tony Gilbert – Signs with Falcons

TE Justin Peelle – Signs with Falcons

LB Tony Taylor – Released by Falcons

WR Brian Finneran – Added to Falcons

SS Antoine Harris – Added to Falcons

G Ben Wilkerson – Added to Falcons

LB Coy Wire – Added to Falcons

LB Coy Wire – Added to Falcons

CB Blue Adams – Added to Falcons

QB Joey Harrington – Released by Falcons

QB DJ Shockley – Added to Falcons

DE Simon Fraser – Added to Falcons

HB Thomas Brown – Released to Free Agents (IR)

CB Brent Grimes – Falcons – 72 to 75 – Undersized corner who makes up his seeming lack of size with intense play.

Click on download to download full NFL Madden changes.


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The only blowout will be out your a** when your tummy gets upset as you realize the Lions are due for yet another disappointing season.....

Ahhhhh, poor WART TROLL..........

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Got this from EA's boards

We're trying to get our roster that was meant to be posted last Friday, up right now. This means we'll have to bounce the servers (people will get temporarily disconnected) but the roster will be deployed. I've been told 15 to 20 minutes but we're working on it.

Why not last Friday? Bugs were found late Friday that forced us to stop the deployment of the update.

Almost there.


Looks like it should be out this evening.

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