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Preseason comparison of 2007 to 2008....obviously not a great indicator, but maybe it does show us some signs...

-Passing TD's

Preseason 07= 3% chance of a pass being a TD

Preseason 08= 2.6% chance

-Rushing yards/ypc

'07 = 302 yards/2.9 YPC

'08 = 567 yards/5.2 YPC

Our kick return averages were better in 2007....Jennings is actually a decent kick returner, just not punt returner.

Our punt return averages were a marked improvement this preseason though from last year.

We averaged 6.4 yards/pass attempt last preason, which was down to 5.7 yards/pass attempt this preseason.

Overall it looks like our running game improved considerabley, but our passing game took a hit in accuracy, TD's, and YPP. This might be attributed to our rookie passer....but it is just as likely due to our implementation of our running game.

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