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We are not alone - Even the Chargers are having a hard time selling tix.


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Heck, I have no doubt if the Falcons fortunes were projected to be as bright as the Chargers, the Georgia Dome would sell out without difficulty. And the myth persists that Atlanta is the worst sports city? What does this say about San Diego?

This is nothing new. When I was stationed in San Diego back in the late '70s, the Chargers rarely sold out a game then either.

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They just cover their seats.. which is smart.. I'm just not sure how that works with the Falcons and the lease they have with the GA Dome. If tickets don't move next year it might be worth it for the Falcons.

If you cover the seats, you have to keep them covered the whole year, even thru the playoffs. So if the team starts winning, you lose those seat sales you could be making.

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