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Do we really have a chance at stopping Lion's WR's?

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I understand that our cornerbacks are young, and Im not saying they wont be good cornerbacks in the future, I'm saying as of right now ,they are the opposite of "good". If i was going for the superbowl this year, there would be many many many team's cornerback groups I would take before I take ours. U can call them unproven and young and ud be right, but I call them bad and I dont see how im wrong. After game one, I could be wrong, but not from where they stand right now.

Hey, I appreciate you answering me on this. I think it's obvious I don't agree with you, especially where Houston is concerned (whom I agree got blasted a few times last season, but was mostly acceptable) but you have a rationale and that's more than a lot of people here lately seem to have. Hopefully these guys prove themselves to be greater than the sum of their parts and we can both be happy :)

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The key will be YAC- play the cover 2 well, hit em hard when they catch it, stop them from turning 5 yard catches into 25 yard gains, and they'll be fine-lots of yards but no points.

Stopping the run is another key- if they have to pass, they can pressure Kitna, if Kitna can play action, it'll be a long day.

both of those will be very possible especially if our team continues to tackle like they have been.

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Simple in my opinion, shut down their running game, and from what i've seen doesn't compare with the falcons's (Rudi Johnson addition notwithstanding)., Put minimum pressure on Kitna and the LIONS will be in for a long day, i know ,easier said than done, but i believe we have the talent to do just that. History - thaTs my biggest worry, a overall 9-23 record against Detroit, with no ryhme or reason, good years/bad, home/away?? go figure.....


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