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Anyone heard anything about Matt Schaub recently?


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I actually watched one of their preseason games and Texans looked pretty good overall. Offensively if I'm not mistaken Schaub was like 12/13 or something with a TD and they were running the ball very effectively. If they didn't play in a division with Jags, Titans, and Colts, i think they would have a legitimate shot at winning the division.

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The Schaub trade was a good move, trusting in Vick was a bad move and picking up Hoey was a terrible move. Had we had a good backup, investigated Vick or at least used the picks wisely, we would be a better team right now.

We may have had a better record last year with these suggestions but even with all the crap we went through I think we have a better team right now than if we had held onto the old Vick era team. We weren't going anywhere accept down now we are young and have a better coaching staff and a better GM.

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