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I cannot praise this Falcons Front Office and Staff enough...


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Our offensive line coach has created a BAD A unit who finishes blocks and plays with swagger out of what pundits felt was the worst line in the league.

Mularkey is putting players into situations where they can succeed while using their strengths.

Smith is positive, respected, respectful to the players, and an intelligent judge of character and talent.

Dimitroff has collected a group of players that I can and will rally around because of their ability, good character, hard working attitudes, and underdog's never quit spirit.

Thank you Arthur Blank for forming this staff.

I am excited to see what our sleepers Grimes, Douglas, and Dahl can do.

I am excited to see our extremely talented linebacker group, halfback group, and wide reciever group go to work,

I want to see another healthy season from the beast, John Abraham.

I want Jamaal, Babs, Jenkins, Houston, Blalock, and Coleman to take that next step and I believe this staff can give them the tools.

We have a lot to look forward to in Matt Ryan and I think this guy has what it takes to be Great.

Baker may be the top LT in the draft... I'm truly feeling that way.

GO FALCONS! Don't let anybody talk you guys down.

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All this love and the regular season has yet to start.

What's going to happen when the Falcons go 0-4? Will all this milarkey be shat on this MB?

Nope, there will be an enormous meltdown on here

Jigga Donkey = "I've come to be the biggest Di C k I can to anybody who calls themselves a falcons fan, because my wife doesn't put out anymore and i'm angry! errrrr..."

FalconBlood = :D

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I agree....No one is sayin that we will win the superbowl this year........ but like baldy said on that article...... The FO and Coaching staff is building this team Patriot-ish......... We will see improvements every year

Another thing......Its a good chance that we found a

Franchise QB

Franchise LT

Franchise MLB

In one draft

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