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Terrell Davis Picks Us To Be His Upset Team This Week


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I don't see how anybody can pick Detroit over the Falcons this weekend... Jon Kitna won't have the "Mike Martz" offense behind his decision making. Kitna is an Interception machine. Detroit doesn't exactly have great running power. The Defense would be on par with the Falcons Defense if not a little worse. I can't see the Falcons losing to Detroit... just can't see it.

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he predicted that ryan will play well against detroit, will play better than flacco and we will upset them. he almost always downs us (i think it has somehting to do with 1998).

The other anouncer laughed suggesting that it's not really an upset if Atlanta won. Saying "Against Detriot?" Then Terrel said "It's only because I picked Atlanta to be last this year."

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