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Point spreads - opening week

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Yep. It's Lions by 3 currently. It was Lions by 1 a little further back. Not sure what boosted it up to 3.

I think Philly is a 7 1/2 fav and NE is a 9 1/2 fav. Buffalo is a PK even, I think. I can't recall the rest, but the links above probably have the same lines.


If I remember correctly, it takes approximately $1.5M betting on one side to move the line 1/2 a point.

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best tip for betting on football. never bet till week 4

Actually I have consistantly won the most money on weeks 1-4. By week 4 vegas has the spreads down to a science and by the end of the year they are seldom wrong. They don't know enough at the beginning of the year to accurately predict spreads, which has often helped IMO.

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