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Just a couple of observations.

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We will be throwing out weight around in the running game.

S. Baker: 312.

J. Blalock: 333.

T. McClure: 301.

Harvey Dahl: 308.

Tyson Clabo: 332.

B. Hartsock: 264.

O. Mughelli: 245.

M. Turner: 244.

I am not sure how dynamic we will be in the run game, Norwood surely helps, but we should definitely be able to go forward most of the time.

Also, it looks like we are keeping 5 DE's. I see that as a sign that Anderson will see alot of inside work at DT on pass rushing situations. I actually like the Abraham, Babineaux, Anderson, Biermann front four on 3rd and long. That's a pretty good amount of speed for any offensive line to handle. You would think one out of those 4, someone would be able to get loose everytime.

Our secondary looks ok with Foxworth added to the mix. Certainly not lights out or anything, but should be ok.

I love our linebackers. If we can put pressure on the quarterback this year, our defense should be hovering around the top 10.

To me this season comes down to: protecting the quarterback on offense and getting to the quarterback on defense.

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