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For my 5000th post:

Lord Dark Helmet

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man i always thought you had way more.

I lost a few in the switch to the new boards. Only around 2000. It took 3 years to get here. I would like to thank all of you who argued with me about Vick being a horrible QB. Also, Vick's legal troubles had me posting legal stuff for hours a day for weeks. I couldn't do it without the Vick lovers. Thank you all. Yes, that means you too Mr. Honduras (Gazoo)

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Congratulations. 5000 things to say is a lot to say.

I dint know Don LaFontaine died. :mellow:

Congrats on 5000 post. I'd be right around 6000 maybe a little more but the first time the board switched it just toally deleted my profile, 2nd time I lost about 600 or so

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