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i BET ON 6 GAMES...not much of a return though....the odds weren't that good....the odds weren't even good on a total blackout of 8 games...

They're called Proposition Bets. Only suckers lay any money down on them since - as you pointed out - the odds are not good.

Those bets on who will win the Super Bowl fall into the same catagory. Reportedly, back in June the Vegas payout for the Falcons winning the SB was 150-1. If by some miracle the Falcons actually did win the SB this 2008 season, the "winners" would be getting royally ripped off, since the odds against are actually much, much greater than that.

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Just got back from Vegas and they actually have bets on what the chances of ATLballer and Vick.. I mean DJ-75 will have a homosexual relationship. I put $100 on it and put $25 on the chances of them having a threesom w/ Mike Vick. dont think i'll win the $25 bet but I'm pretty confident I will win 100 bucks!

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