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New Roster Moves


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They released Tony Taylor for a linebacker who played for the jags and was a great special team player. I like the decision somewhat to bring in a great special teams player but TT was a solid backup and if injuries hit this team it's a major concern. I understand if Lofton gets injured then Brooking moves back to MLB and Stephan Nicholas stars OLB. But what if Grady Jackson gets injured, we have not backup nose tackles with the size and experience to back him up. Jason Jefferson??? Last season 20 tckls, decent backup but I doubt he can be relied upon. I was looking at free agents and I came across.....Rod Coleman, and old falcon. He's pretty old but he has massive size and can clog up the running game. When he played for us I liked him alot. I'm also sold on Jason Snelling, he's impressive. Adam Jennings? Better make the pro bowl or something b/c idk why he always sticks around. Ben Hartsock* is also good.

We should use the Tampa Cover 2, our DB's are inexperienced but talented and give our athletic LB's more action. Laurent Robinson where are you??? Michael Jenkins??? Can never come thru, maybe he might come thru but we go thru this EVERY yr. Other free agents that are worth mentioning - Willie Anderson, Rocky Boiman(great, cheap backup, good special teamer) Fernando Bryant(veteran CB, experienced was with New England last yr) solid, smart backup, and Dre Moore.

Idk just my opinion...

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Forget about Dre Moore. We had the chance to draft him, didn't do it and now we know why. The guy can't cut it. I questioned several moves by the Falcons front office during draft day but I learned my lesson. This FO knows much more about football than I ever will so I'm trusting that they are building the best team possible.

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I understand why we aren't going after the FA's. The good teams build through the draft and add merely a piece or two through FA.

Did you know out here in San Diego in Antonio Gates' first year the local media heads were trying to figure out why the coaching staff was going with an undrafted basketball player at tight end and ripped the organization. I notice none of those "experts" ever ate crow about that. Anyway, the point is...have a little faith in the coaching staff. I know its tough to as an ATL fan due to our history, but I trust they know more than me.

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