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How Long will we tolerate the unacceptable?


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How long will we give Arthur a free pass? It's been several years with one Playoff win. We did not give Rankin Smith a free pass.




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well i cant cut jennings and claim someone else off waivers, so i know you cant fire the owner and re-hire a new one. but there is an alternative. lets get everyone from the boards together and stockpile all our torches and pitch forks. if we can convince the crazy mob that he is a witch, we might just be able to get rid of that guy once and for all before we have a good season with all the positive change we've enjoyed this off season. :rolleyes:

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Another day, another user name...

Seriously, there has to be a way to eliminate the using of multiple accounts...

There is. It's called IP banning.

I hope the people in charge of the boards get smart(er) soon and implement it, along with no allowing of accounts from free email providers.

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How long will we give Arthur a free pass? It's been several years with one Playoff win. We did not give Rankin Smith a free pass.

Are we supposed to be in the business of giving owners / managers passes ???

What are you...................a union steward or something ???

It's attitudes like yours that produces partisan GRIDLOCK in Washington nowdays and mothballs factories all over the U.S.

Quit looking for the NEGATIVE in life and start being aware of the POSSITIVE.

Arthur Blank is one of the best owners in the NFL. He hired Thomas Dimitroff who will be one of the PREMIER GM's in a few short years.


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How long will we give Arthur a free pass? It's been several years with one Playoff win. We did not give Rankin Smith a free pass.

Rankin SMith owned this franchise into the ground. HE made little effort in improving the franchise. HE was happy to make a circus atmosphere to generate funds for himself and his greedy little bastid children.

Arthur may be heavy handed, but he is making everything possible for this franchise to succeed. He kowtowed to Vick, bringing in the type of folks he needed to succeed. HE even gave it one last hurrah with Vick by bringing in the most reviled man in Falcons history in the form of Quittrino. Arthur finally decided that he can't save a man that is too simple to understand that he is throwing his life away for the thug life. SO he decided to rebuild. You have got to give credit where it is due. He has brought in top notch people, top notch FA's that mirror what those Football minds wanted. We had a great initial draft. And our team is playing with fire and desire.

I say Mr Blank, a man who has invested HUGELY in the Falcons, gets as long as he needs. I think that in two years, we will be sucha force that any team foolish enough to come into the dome will witness pain and war like they have never imagined. Our offense will be High powered with tall athletic receivers, an offensive line that is nasty and rolls like a wave, running backs that put a cleat in your chest and a helmet to your gut for the extra yard. We'll have a suffocating defense that hits like a truck and doesn't make the dumb mistake that has plagued the Falcons for years. OUr special teams will be manned by a plethora of head hunters who will consistently make huge plays to allow us to score more.

To answer your question. We hsould be honored to let Mr Blank take as long as it takes. We have sucked for so many years, a few more that is moving in the right direction is wholly palatable. In the end, we will be a football team that we can be proud of, a team that will strike fear and awe into our adversaries, and one that will go deep into the playoffs for years to come. A superbowl win is an inevitability. An absolute inevitability and as the proud owner, Mr Blank will accept nothing less!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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