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A possible new RB for kick returns -- Danny Ware


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I know they wanted to use Norwood more in the offense. From ESPN.com:

With news of Thomas Brown (groin) likely out for the season, Norwood could be taking over kick return duties for the Falcons in 2008.

Spin: Norwood is easily the most qualified on the squad, but the coaching staff had plans to use Norwood more in the offense this season, thus their decision to assign Brown as the kick returner. It looks like Norwood could be a very busy man this season, but it is equally as likely that the Falcons try the free-agent market and and pick up a kick return specialist in the next few days

Could TD possibly be looking at Danny Ware to fill Brown's role? From Rotoworld.com at http://www.rotoworld.com/content/Home_NFL.aspx:

Citing an NFL source, the NY Daily News reports that "several teams" have shown interest in Giants RB Danny Ware.

The Giants kept five tailbacks (also Brandon Jacobs, Derrick Ward, Ahmad Bradshaw, and Reuben Droughns), possibly with an eye on trading one. The Falcons were known to have interest in Ware early in the offseason.

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no thank you. Dware was the scrub of the RB group. he left early, since he knew with tb and lumpkin there he wasnt going to get time. he was always 3rd best, and even if he stayed knowshon would have taken his spot

I beg to differ. Danny was never a scrub just had trouble holding on the ball, and he stayed in the doghouse. I watched him play the other night and was a beast, best RB that night, now Im not saying sighn or nothing, but KR might not be bad if he can do it. ppl on this board act like they are afraid of someone coming in here and competeing for a job . Just like Pollard if he cant do it then let him go , but always look for a possible upgrade.

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