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Bucs released DB Eugene Wilson


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He's not bad but I think he might be getting up there in years now.

I do think that he knows the cover two pretty well, and at the very least could have a Joe Horn-like effect on our team.

lol he was drafted in 03. he's not old,just had injury problems.

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I was confused as to why they would bring him in anyways if they were just going to convert him to CB....and likewise, why would he have gone to a team that was going to make him change positions? Dumb if you ask me.

He was an average at worst safety, and with a 1 year contract would be well worth the pickup.

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Yup in 06........ in 07 he came back healthy but they had already replaced him (Brandon Meriweather)

It comes down to rather we want Cooper or Eugene Wilson

We already cut Cooper. It would be between Harris and Wilson. Another option would be to cut David Irons and move Harris to CB. I believe Harris is a true cover guy no matter CB or FS. Not sure what the coaches think but I believe Wilson would upgrade over Irons and I would move Harris to CB.

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"Wilson was one of nine defensive backs who remained on the final roster Saturday, but the Bucs likely need a roster spot to address another unit -- perhaps the offensive line. Wilson was a member of this year's free agent class, joining the Bucs after parting ways with the Patriots.

The signing was celebrated as a savvy move that gave the Bucs a versatile player who can play cornerback and safety. But Wilson's shortcomings became obvious in the preseason, particularly in terms of missed tackles.

In an unrelated story, the Patriots have released former Bucs safety John Lynch, who joined New England after recently gaining his release from Denver.

Stay tuned for more details as there could be more news to come on this busy weekend in the NFL"

the bucs had 9 db's. i tried looking up his scout report with no sucess.

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