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We cut Marcus Pollard? Did I read this right?

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I wonder why he got cut so quick?

Just didn't pick up the offense quick enough. We probably brought him in too see if he had anything left and obviously he didn't so he got cut. It's not really that big of a deal. Hartsocks hands aren't that bad very underrated to some who don't know him. He's not a all world receiver but he's not much worse than a 35+ yrd old pollard either. We can look for a receiving TE next year.

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I mentioned in a seperate thread after Pollard was signed that I didn't expect him to make the final roster. He was the wakeup call for Milner. The next day after Pollard was signed Milner was practicing even though he said there was still a little pain in his foot. I think he finally realized if he wanted to play in the NFL there are going to be times when he will have to play/practice with pain.

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I actually was surprised by the cut because I thought Pollard had more to bring, but apparently he did not have much left in the tank. Coach and TD saw what they needed to see and quickly made the necessary adjustment.

One thing is for sure... We can have faith that they are not settling for anything. The correct moves will be made as needed... and fast. This shows that.

Reminds me of when you see a duck on pond.... on the surface it is very calm, but there is much activity happening underneath.

They know what they are doing.

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