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FIFA 09 Presentation from Leipzig Last Week

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FIFA 09 will be my first soccer/football game purchase since FIFA 2001... and I got a lot of grief for buying FIFA 2001 at the time because of how amateurish it was. Now since my FIFA 2001 disc is no longer playable, I'm going to upgrade. Plus this FIFA installment looks exciting, and many of my friends who usually go for PES/WE are going for FIFA this year instead.

Highlights from Leipzig GC:

- Improved animation system, artificial intelligence, collision system, and controls. I love the little things about the animation system.

- Comprehensive custom tactics, manageable through the d-pad for both offline & online matches.

- 10 v 10 online play.

- Be A Pro Mode enriched.

- FIFA Live by Adidas... free for a season.

- PS3 exclusive Video Uploading service

Although not mentioned in the presentation, on the last day of GC, they mentioned that the PS3 version will have FIFA Interactive World Cup.

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Dude, I was so up on this game. Did the game look blurry to you? The gameplay videos I've seen so far have been amazing and crisp, but when I played the demo, it looked blurry.

I played it at a mates house on like a 12" tv.

It looked weird.

I loved the new passing though.

They didn't go directly at the player all the time and they were just perfectly placed most of the time.

It looked alright on the small screen though.

I'll just get the game when it comes out in like half a month :)

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im not entirely impressed with this years fifa, it has some new features but to be honest thats it and i dont thinks it warrants to be released at full price. the other games EA have released that ive played are much better than there last games and they would be Tiger Woods 09 and Madden 09 these were both better than previous game imo.

i mean the freekicks are utter rubbish if the ball bends anymore it would come back to freekick taker they look rediculous <_<

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