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Zoby Poll : Palin Gives McCain Big Boost !

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Republican John McCain's Big Announcement Friday of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate some 16 hours after Democratic Barack Obama's Hate speech against America and anger attack againt John McCain while he accepted the Democrats presidential nomination has stunted any Obama Convention bump the lastest Zogby Interactive flash poll of the race shows making Obama the 1st President Nominee in Convention History not to get a bounce out of his own convention.

The Lastest Nationwide Survey begun Friday afternoon after McCain's Announcement of Palin and completed mid-afternoon today, shows McCain/Palin at 47% compared to 45% support for Obama/Biden. Many pudits agree that Obamas numbers are still declining as his stops across the country are revealing him and Biden to be nothing but old fashioned liberal Tax increasers and there is nothing new about that.

This new Poll shows that both Obama and McCain have solidified their base even though the media and the Democrats attempted to divide McCain's Base by demanding that he put a pro-choice person as his running mate. McCain did not fall for the typical liberal ploy and henceforth has not only claimed a poll lead over Obama on the heels of Obama's own Convention but has also raised over 4 million dollars which will go long way to telling the American People just how dangerous it would be to have a Obama/Pelosi/Harry Reid Government. Obama has about 80% support from hard Democrats and McCain now enjoys 82% support form the Typical White People that make up the Republican party. When Biden and Palin are added to the mix Obama loses 5% of his base support which appear to be Hillary Clinton supporters but McCain's Base Support goes though the Roof all the way to 92% of the Base of the GOP so McCain has helped himself a great deal by picking Sarah Palin although you may never hear it in the National Mainstream media.

After the Palin Vp Pick Friday, Palin was almost immediately hailed as a strong conservative, and those voters have rallied to the GOP Ticket the survey shows. Republicans gather in St.Paul Minnesota this week to officially nominate McCain and Palin as their Presidential ticket.

Pollster John Zogby has released his own Statement on the Selection of Sarah Palin by John McCain which is follows "Palin is not to be underestimated" She has already in two days knocked any talk of Joe Biden off the map, but her real strength is that she is a authentic, a real mom, an outdoors person, a small town mayor (Hey she has dealt with a corrupt small town city council as well as a corrupt state government and cleaned house, that alone could be preparation for staring down Vladimir Putin, And she has a very strong reform record which stands in stark contest to Obama's lack of record and he is on the top of the Democratic Ticket.

The Most important Demographic in this election so says Zogby outside of working age White Males will be politically independent woman 15% of whom in our latest survey are undecided, Many of these were part of the 18 million votes that Hillary Clinton amassed on her way to being left off the Democratic Ticket in favor of a Washington insider who has no record of reform or change in Joe Biden who got just 9000 votes in the Democratic primary himself. These Women generally consider themselves Soccer moms, Pro-Life. Most have a family and are married and they work double-duty with a job and raising kids, These Women will relate very well when they get to know Sarah Palin who worked her way up though the system and now though the glass ceiling, They will see themselves in her as in Joe Biden they will only see a Democratic liberal who is struggling to keep Washington the same and deny a Woman a position of high office.

In the final analysis Zogby warns both sides will be about Obama vs McCain. Obama has staked out ground as the new Anti-War, Socialist, new generation type, differnet from all of you because I dont look at the Presidents on the Dollar bill type. A Man who tows to the Left-Wing of his party and carries the party-line at all times without attempting to reach out and cross the party-line like John McCain is known for thoughout his entire career. Obama's Message is having a hard time getting off the ground because he promises a lot without specfics for how it is going to get done. McCain on the otherhand is the modern day Harry Truman withs lots of DC experience and a long record of reform and standing up to his own party even when it has cost him support Putting the Country first as he likes to put it. McCain knows what is wrong and dysfunctional in Washington and how to fix it, being a insider is good for some things. And he has choosen a running mate who is about as far away from Washington as he could find but one who has a record of reform and standing up to her own party when she spotted corruption as well.

This Contest is still very likey to be close until the final weekend before the election as the majority of America's Voters make up their minds just days or hours before they actually go to the polls.

The Survey shows that a full 22% of those Voters who supported Hillary Clinton in their Primary elections earlier this year are now supporting John McCain which is making the McCain camp and the Conservative base very happy.

Among those who said they shop regularly at Wal-mart a demographic group that Zogby has found to be both value and values voters Finds that Obama is getting walloped by McCain winning 62% support form the weekly Wal-mart Shoppers, McCain wins these voters at a rate similar to what President Bush won in 2004.

Other Demographic details are fairly predictable, showing that McCain/Palin is looking very good across the board with all Values Voters thoughout the Country and fueling a Optimism that was helped by all of Obama's Attacks against McCains Judgement (which has been right on the Surge in Iraq) and the Republicans.

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The only poll that matters: http://www.gallup.com/poll/109900/Gallup-D...Lead-49-41.aspx

Obama: 49%

McCain: 41%

gallup is liberal democrat poll no wonder it shows obama with lead!!! zogby uses internet poll like aol & those are more accurate less biased b/c real people can vote on website not have some democrat liberal call up on phone like driveby media polls do!!! internet polls most unbiased & more accurate internet polls like zogby all show mccain winning!!!

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gallup is liberal democrat poll no wonder it shows obama with lead!!! zogby uses internet poll like aol & those are more accurate less biased b/c real people can vote on website not have some democrat liberal call up on phone like driveby media polls do!!! internet polls most unbiased & more accurate internet polls like zogby all show mccain winning!!!


That's precisely why no one uses Zogby. Even Faux News doesn't use it.

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The Only poll that matters to Dark Head up there is a Liberal poll, he has not the foresight or the ability to put together the facts as the cancer that is liberalism continues to eat away his brain turning him into a Spagetti spined winebag. The Liberal Polls will be very misleading and deceiving right up until election day and then the Drive-By media wil act so surpised that McCain/Palin sweeps the nation just like they were Surpised when John Kerry and Al Gore Lost and they both got bumps out of their convention unlike Obama !!

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