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Joyous day!


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Joey good luck on your next ventures, but I am glad that you aren't on our team.

I am shocked as much as you all that Daren Stone and M. Pollard are cut, but Hartsock and Milner are good options to have at TE. Especially keep an eye on Hartsock.

Only reason I can think of Daren Stone being cut: WE HAVE OUR SIGHTS SET ON SOMEONE!

Oh btw, Forney will not be missed, always felt that Forney messed up the chemistry of the line when it moved to a non cut blocking scheme.

He does not belong here anymore.

But again the coaching staff and TD are looking beyond what we see and are taking actions to make this team better. Decoud will come through, and whatever we do with the moves in the coming days watch them make this team even better than we were a week ago.

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