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Glass Half Full


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Guys - I am being cautiously optimistic about the upcoming season.

I was greatly encouraged by the PS performance of the team. There are a lot of things to be excited about. This team does not look nearly as bad as the 'experts' first predicted. I am totally on board to support this team 100%. Still.............

This was just pre season. You can't get a real feel for things until the games count. Ryan hasn't seen stunts, schemes and alignments yet like he will begin to see next week. Expect to see some 'growing pains' from this team. But I still maintain what I've said all along. This team will continue to develop and gel as the year progresses, and the Falcons in week 14 will be much, much better than the Falcons in week 1.

They came through the PS relatively unscathed by injury. Let's hope that continues!

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We won't be great, but will be better then everyone expects and a lot of the lumps our young team takes this year will stand us in good stead for next year.

I like the direction of our team. I like how it feels like a team. This isn't a one man show anymore.

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