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Observations from Pre-Season


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Before any of you stroke the "Newbie" tag on me, let me first say that I haven't been able to post for 2 months because my password was sent to an e-mail address that I can't retrieve when they went to the new boards.

My original member number was around 620.

I was here when Shiney couldn't keep his pants on and Gazoo and Cap actually got along.

Here are my observations.

Defense -- No fluff on defense. Solid group. We haven't had that in a long time. More importantly, they play as a unit. Best move was getting rid of D. Hall. These guys hit, and they keep hitting. 50 and 54 have been lighting it up. Our safetys are the best I've seen and hit, like Cheap-Shot Scott, only without the penalties (thats for the OL).

Ofense -- Our OL is better, but the front 7 of Baltimore really handled them and collapsed the pocket on Ryan and DJ. Harrington is gone, or should be (no I'm not a UGA homer). Harrington just can't get the job done. I do think he will be a good coach though because he is smart, but he thinks to much on the field and you can tell the pressure of the QB competition is getting to him. He folds under pressure. The OL, man Dahl and Blaylock have been really good. Baker had done very well, and even Weiner is showing some nastiness never seen. This unit is gelling and we have a good coach. RBs, better unit than our WRs. I think Snelling should get the call over brown because he's the guy you can give the ball to in the 4th quarter to pound the ball and pull time off the clock. Brown, needs a year on the PS, but if they keep Brown, I'm ok with that too. WR's are good, but lets see how they do during the regular season. 12 has had the best preseason of all the WRs and already has established a good connection with Ryan. TEs, we are ok there. 89 is a bruiser and 87 will help out in the passing game.

ST -- Better unit than any JD unit in the past. These guys don't miss tackles and 39 has really been knocking the sheet out of people.

Coaching -- This team is well prepared, on the filed there is not a lot of confusion from the players and coaches.

If Ryan is as good as advertised, we have a shot at the playoffs becasue we are a tuff team, we are a defensive team now, and we are team that will fight. We have a heart and soul.

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