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While we are talking VP's Let look at Joe Bidens real record !

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Joe Biden is the Ultimate Washington liberal insider, so we have a long record to look back on but I want to focus on Military matters for a moment since all the Democrats tell us is that Joe Biden is the living embodiment of General Patton when in fact he has been wrong on every major vote having to deal with the miltary for 30 years..........

1.) Joe Biden voted Against Ronald Reagans military buildup in the 1980's, he does not believe in Peace though Strength which brought the Soviet Union to its knees, had Biden had his way, there would be no missle defense program, no advanced weaponary to keep the Commuist in their place and no pride in having the greatest miltary in the world.

2.) Joe Biden Voted against the 1991 Gulf War, I guess Saddam invading Kuwait was ok in his book.

3.) Joe Biden Voted For the 2003 Invasion of Iraq but shortly changed course and voted to defund the Troops 3 times, Each time failed.

4.) Joe Biden Voted for massive Military Cuts during the Clinton years.

So you see it does no good to have experience if you are wrong on every issue, if Biden had his way, The Soviet Union would be stronger than ever and Saddam Hussien would be alive,well, and in Power.

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Bush Started the Military Scale-down which was natural to do after the Gulf-War ended in Convincing Victory, We also Scaled down after WW2, and After Vietnam. It is what happens when Wars come to a close but Clinton took it too far, weakening the actual Military infrastructure to dangerous levels and hurting the Command thoughout the ranks of every major branch.

I am not a Bush Puppet and I know he has not been right on every issue but by GOD he is better than any liberal Democrat I know of....

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