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Michael Phelps gets COD:world at war


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MTV MP is reporting that he didn't really get the game, but only the box. I was shocked at first myself to see a game with no release date already finished. So in actuality the game is not finished, but he will be the first to get the game once it's done... .which is months away.

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You really believe MTV?

Anyways I beta tested games (Cod4, others) 2 to 3 months before released, he could very well have the full game that could also be very buggy but nothing a patch couldn't fix.

Yes. MTV Multiplayer blog is very credible news source in gaming. They're respectable in this often disrespected field of gaming, and they've talked to the Activision CEO himself to get an answer regarding that Phelps exchange.

Yes, he could get the beta code, but why give him beta code? Game code is so complex, and even as late as the beta stage, you still have critical bugs. Game hangs, walls disappearing, bullets killing you that you didn't know were being fired, etc.

If they haven't even gone public with the entire code (just parts of it have been played by jouranlists), I'm pretty sure it's very unfinished overall. This game may slip to 2009 for all we know.

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