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Complete QB presaeson stats

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Passing Statistics

Player Att Comp Yds Comp % Yds/Att TD TD % INT INT % Long Sck Sack/Lost Rating

Matt Ryan 59 34 294 57.6 5.0 2 3.4 1 1.7 25 4 33 75.1

D.J. Shockley 34 13 185 38.2 5.4 1 2.9 2 5.9 31 2 2 41.9

Chris Redman 21 15 152 71.4 7.2 0 0.0 2 9.5 28 0 0 52.2

Joey Harrington 15 9 98 60.0 6.5 0 0.0 1 6.7 47 4 18 51.5

DJ is 34 for13 w/ a 38.2 % completion rate while Joey has the best comp. rate w/ 60%

Yes DJ had a good game yesterday but overall is what the coaches are gonna look at when deciding who will be cut

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i think redman had the highest completion percentage with 71.2.

but joey was second with his 60%

and Ryan had the highest rating, which is cool.

except for the fact its 75.1.

but i think we'll see that improve significantly by the end of the season.

your right redman is the best but what i meant was joey was better than DJ

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I wouldn't say that DJ "deserves" a spot, because he hasn't really done much to earn it. However, we know that Joey isn't going to get any better and he's going to cost more money, therefore I'll be very surprised if DJ is let go and joey stays. I still think it's a good possibility that DJ goes to practice squad though. Your guess is as good as mine. Who knows?

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