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Our COACH doesn't even know our players


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That idiot Baldinger calling the game last night kept calling him Aaron Snelling. One can only wonder why.

He's been broadcasting our games for a couple years now, and makes it part of his daily routine to come up with new names and mispronunciations for our players. Some announcers have their own style like that; his is being a moron.

He is famous for Al-jay Crumpler and Keith Brookings.

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One of the announcers from last night's game was apparently calling Jason Snelling, Aaron Snelling the whole time. I'm not sure if it was on TV or radio. Everyone's laughing about it.

Maybe he meant Aaron Spelling. He's obviously a 90210 fan.

I heard Randy Waters make a couple of goofs as well. Saying it was "Ravens ball" when the Falcons were on offense, Stuff like that.

Prepare yourself for more of the same, guys. When we do get network coverage this year, we're gonna get the lower tier announcing teams.

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Oh... okay.. i get it... <_<

... btw, thanks for the compliments sorry for the anger.

No problem, bored at work and after watching the post game interview hearing Coach Smith saying Jason's name over and over I thought I would catch a couple of people off guard.

Thanks for the post FalconWong88

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