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After Preseason game 4

(4th column is week 4, 3rd column is week 3, 2nd column for week 2. 1st column is week 1)


Matt Ryan − Dint get much going in limited playing time..not much to analyze or look at.

Chris Redman

Joey Harrington −−− Throws to the flats, gets sacked, punt. sound familiar

DJ Shockley Lead a couple great drives when our offense was stuttering; lead to points. His completion % still leaves a lot to be desired.


Michael Turner Nice 12 yard run lol Turner is explosive

Jerious Norwood − Didnt do anything in limited time

Jason Snelling Not very impressive early but then started breaking free. nice work

Thomas Brown Solid runner that has consistently gotten around 5 yards per carry i like his style. also returns kicks solidly


Ovie Mughelli −−

Corey McIntyre −−−−


Roddy White −− Hardly saw him at all out there...

Laurent Robinson − Great possesion receiver man he can catch.

Michael Jenkins

Harry Douglas −−−

Brian Finneran Finn for the TD? havent heard that in a while but i LOVE IT

Adam Jennings

Chandler Williams −− sigh.. catch the ball idiot!

Eric Weems −− Big catch


Ben Hartsock −−− We know he was brought in as a blocker, but i'll tell u what, he has good hands too

Matrez Milner −−−−

Jason Rader −−−−


Sam Baker

Todd Weiner −−

Tyson Clabo

Terrance Pennington −−−

Quinn Ojinnaka −−−−

Michael Butterworth −−−

DAnthony Batiste −−−−


Justin Blalock −−−−

Harvey Dahl −−−

Ben Wilkerson −−−−

Kynan Forney −−−−


Todd McClure −−−−

Alex Stepanovich −−−


Jonathan Abraham

Jamaal Anderson −−

Kroy Biermann BEEEERRMANNNN. that is all :)

Chauncey Davis −−−−


Grady Jackson −−−

Jonathan Babineaux −−−−

Montavious Stanley −−−−

Rashad Moore −−−

Kindal Moorehead −−− nice sack

Tim Anderson −−−−


Keith Brooking −−−

Michael Boley −

Stephen Nicholas Wow he had a explosive hit again this week

Coy Wire −−−


Curtis Lofton

Tony Taylor −−−−


Chris Houston −−

Brent Grimes Grimes = Pass deflections

Chevis Jackson couple deflections and he plays great in our scheme

David Irons −−−−

Wilrey Fontenot −−−−

Blue Adams −−


Lawyer Milloy −

Erik Coleman

Thomas Decoud −−−

Deke Cooper −−−

Daren Stone

Antoine Harris −−−


Jason Elam Did his job


Michael Koenen − Not as many booming punts as usual..but he's still a reliable punter

Our defense is just stifling in the red zone. They play great as an overall unit i love Mike Smiths defense. The offense is generally pathetic. For the 4th game now we see a lot of offensive penalties and holding calls that kill our drives, and we fail to overcome them. It not good if in PRESEASON you cant score 20 or more points in a game... Mularkey needs to get things going or i will lose faith in him fast. Props to van gorder and smith, you guys are definitely doin your job on defense.

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Thomas Brown played well enough to help himself, but his injury came at a really inopportune time. If the decision really is an either/or between Snelling and Brown, Snelling just got the nod tonight because of that horse collar tackle on Brown. It's an unfair world we live in...

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I thought Harry Douglas was pretty impressive this preseason.

meh. 7 catches 53 yards. he definitely looks the part of a rookie out there. he made some mistakes but did have 2 impressive catches. i'd like to see him develop better route running so he can get separation and stretch the field with his speed.

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