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Joey Making his case

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I know it's not popular to say...

Shockley has earned it.

Bring on the Homerism attacks

The proof is on film

The only direction Harrington goes is backwards

Shock has definately been fun to watch. I guess I'm the only one in this thread that thinks Joey gets the 3rd QB position. Of course DJ does have more experience than Joey executing the Clipboard Keeper. Did they invent that play at Georgia?


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I dont have a problem with Shockly at 3. Thre problem is his homers will want more.

I see no "homers" here, only Falcons fans. You have to EARN your spot in the NFL no matter how much the fans and/or your teammates may like you. DJ has earned his spot so maybe it's time to put the negative posts to rest. DJ did a nice job when he was given the chance to do so. B)

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