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Why is Adam Jennings our returner?

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I cant lie..... This is the one subject that im not positive about....... I dont get it......Jenning does nothing...... That one game does not make up for all his terrible games(everygame except 2 weeks ago)........ I want us to have 6 WR but jennings cant be 1..........sign him to the practice squad........I hope that we really pick up a young WR with potential (6'3 212lbs Martin Nance or 6'3 200lbs Adrian Arrington)....... Michael Jenkins will be a freeagent next year and this might be Fin last year

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I actually like T-Brown or Norwood returning. I am not such a fan of Jennings either.

I agree, i have virtually no problem with anything that this staff has done so far and the way things are going with TD and Smittys evaluation skills/results Jennings may well end up a very good returner, BUT, i just cant shake the last two years, NOR can i shake the fact that keeping him likley means we have to only have 3 RBS (i know its rare amongst NFL teams but our guys are just too good to let go so i wanna keep 4)


RB - Turner, Norwood, Snelling, Brown

5WR Finneran 6WR - (Brown/Norwood in emergencies & with screens)

KR/PR Brown, Norwood

is far better than

RB Turner Norwood Snelling

5WR Finneran 6WR- Jennings

KR/PR Jennings

But ill back the staff

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