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Liberals its time get offended ! Barak Obama is not the 1st African American to be nominated !

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Let me begin by saying in order to be a true-blood 100% branded official African-American loaded with total 100% USDA slave blood, then you must have in your family tree, two black or brown parents who themselves had two of the same who likewise had parents of the same creed and color who in turn had African Decendents who came to America via the International slave-trade in which Africans sold their own blood and brethern to Slime merchants across the globe who moved these poor people into slavery and indentured servitude.

Barak Obama has now did more than just hep the rep of a messiah, he is claiming that he is the 1st African American to be nominated by a major party for President of the United States but as all Democrats do threw their rotten teeth, he is lying, lying, lying and twisting the truth into something unholy while at the same time stealing the glory form some real African American who may once day rise to this !!!!

Now for a little family history, Barak Hussien Obama had a what we would call a Black father, but his father was not a African American, his father was a African, and someone who only lived in America for a short amount of time while attending school and attempting a failed business, he returned to Africa to live the rest of his life before he suffered a fatal accident in 1982. This is why Barak is named Barak and why he has a muslim middle-name because he spent a good deal of his childhood in muslim-dominated African Countries while living with his father, Another important fact to consider is Barak's Father had 4 wives, Three in Africa who bore him 3 other sons and a daughter, and one in America who just happened to be a White Woman with old European blood who grew up in Kansas. His child to this white woman bacame Barak Hussien Obama, We dont know much about Barak's Half Brothers and Sister, they are all in Africa and out of touch, but we do know one of Barak Half-Brothers lives in a small Hut, and survives on a mere $12 a year as a salary.

The primary point being that Barak's Father was never a decendant of Slavery, he was never a part of the American Civil-rights movement, he was never a part of the struggle to gain a equal footing of the decendants of Slavery or Jim Crow. And Barak upon returning from Africa when he was 12 moved in with his well to do white grandparents who was by this time living a live of luxury in Hawaii. Barak from this moment on was raised with a silver spoon in his mouth, He did not come from middle-America, or from the streets of the Black South where the Struggle ensued, in Fact he has no clue what the Civil Rights movement means but he is quick to claim credit for being the 1st African-American to be nominated which in effect is taking the credit and glory form a future real African American who may inspire to reach for this honor....................

In Fact he is not the 1st African American, he is the 1st Multi-Racial person to be Nominated, and the Multi-Racial people are growing in Number at the time when fully blooded African Americans are struggling to keep up with Hispanic growth and Whites with European blood are declining..........................

To continue to pander this falsehood that he is the 1st African American when his mother is a everyday White Woman from Kansas is a insult to us all .........................

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So you are just dismissing his White mother, so I guess his white side has been wiped clean or is it shameful to consider yourself a multi-racial person............ ????

Why does he get to free-pass himself off as a true and blue African American when he is not, that is just another example of this fraud that is his campaign....................

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That doesn't help with the race pimpin'

come on.......how does that advance race pimpin' ????

You're a clown, and a tiresome one at that...... <_<

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