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So I had this dream last night about Week 1


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Week 1 vs. Detroit

We won the toss and chose to recieve. We drive the ball all the way to the 20 of Detroit and then it happened. Oh no.. our QB drops back on a 5 step drop and someone coming off the edge blows right by Sam Baker and strips our QB like it was candy from a baby. The ball rolls around for a few secs and then a fast as crap linebacker from DET picks it up and gets an escort from a CB to the endzone for a touchdown.

I yelled some bad things and then cursed Coach Smith for electing to recieve. I said, "YOU ALWAYS KICK AND LET YOUR DEFENSE TAKE THE FIELD FIRST!!!"


I guess it wouldnt happen like that (at least I hope not), because doesnt Smitty like to play D first? Lets hope this is not what happens week 1. To finish the story, I woke up in a cold sweat.

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