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Tonights game plan

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A buddy of mine that I played college football with used to be a assistant scout for the Redskins (manager of a car dealership now - I guess front office guys don't make any money). Anyway, we had a conversation about 5 years back about the preseason and what was the value of the preseason games were. He told me (and I'm sure every team is a little different) that in the last preseason game the coaching staff would generally run the first weeks game play for the first two series. Everything would be real game situations; the playcalling, substitutions, special teams, coaches communications, etc.... After about the second series substitutions would start to be made to put the bubble players in. He told me that the high risk players. Players with either a history of injuries, guys still not in great shape, or players that take a lot of abuse (RB's, QB's) on plays would get pulled first, but by the end of the half they would try and get every starting position player out of the game. I'm sure this would vary from team to team.

If this is somewhat like what the falcons are going to do the first couple of series will be fun to watch. It will be interesting to see if the penalties are cut down and if we can move the chains on first down and hopefully we will have at least one red zone opportunity.

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