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Myths of the Jamaal Anderson Debate Options Track this topic

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Some may think this is more beating a dead horse. It isn't. This is an attempt to get the beating to stop. I've found that a lot of the comments in Anderson threads are just rehashing the same arguments. Statements that are almost canned and not in response to the actual arguments. So I'm hoping to end all these little arguments by straightening out some misunderstandings in the Anderson debate.

Myth 1: Jamaal Anderson doubters need to show more patience. He's a young player without a lot of DE experience.

This is by far the most common argument that crops up in threads. Well, on some areas of Jamaal's game we doubters agree. It's way to early to say Anderson's not going to pick up technique, or make better reads, or learn to separate from blocks. Anyone in their right mind wouldn't expect Jamaal to be a very efficient DE early in his career. His frequent mistakes would be expected to hold him down.

What the Jamaal doubters are arguing is that we shouldn't have to wait to see his physical ability. If Jamaal is the player all the pre-draft publications said he was going to be then we should see a player with all the tools only held down by his lack of technique and experience. We don't see that. We've seen the poor technique and we expect that and aren't concerned. What the doubters are concerned about is that he's not showing the athleticism he should. You should have to wait 3 years to see if a player adjusts to the NFL, you shouldn't have to wait 3 games to see a player's tools. Jamaal could not get a single sack and still show he's got speed, strength and agility. He's not shown any of that in games and simply waiting isn't an answer.

Myth 2: Anderson doubters are freaking out about his 0 sacks.

Jamaal could have 0 sacks and never gotten close to the QB and it's still very possible that none of us would be worried if he just showed he's a physical freak. If Jamaal was really as raw and as much of an athlete as some claim then I wouldn't have had the first problem with sitting him for a full year. He came out of college a year early so losing a year wouldn't be terrible. However, it's not the production. Yet again it's how he's looked by playing.

Not being ready to produce is one thing, not being able to produce is something else.

Myth 3: Jamaal doubter discount everything but sacks.

This isn't true. Tackles are an important part of what DE's do and Jamaal was better at getting tackles than sacks. However, DE's that are great run stoppers but can't get a pass rush are bench players. Jamaal wasn't drafted to be a bench player. Unless he has the ability to get at the QB, he's going to be a bust. Great DE's can tackle and get sacks, but they HAVE to be able to get sacks.

Hopefully this can clear up a lot of the confusion of the arguments. It's not about waiting on him to overcome his rookie trouble or whether he's raw. It's about whether he has the physical ability to succeed at DE and him showing that ability in games.

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