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Analyst/Sports Writers Power Rankings have Falcons 32?

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Ok dont shoot me but 32? I know we are going to surprise people this year. I might be the only homer here but we will shock the world this year I say at least 8 wins and I am selling the Falcons short. Laugh if you want to, if history serves me well everyteam in the NFC South that finishes last the next year they win the division. Its our turn now and for the future--WHO'S WITH ME? Nfl analyst and sportswriters are going to eat serious crow this year watch and see!!!

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I think these guys are total kooks. We weren't 32 when the year ended and we've only gotten better since. What do they think Miami is going to get better now that their best defensive player has flown to the Skins. Can Parcells play too. Pennington will have had all of about 2 weeks or less in their new offense. Do they have any WRs anyway to throw to. I bet they get the #1 pick again.


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I think these experts are just "mailing it in". I'm sure they are not watching every game in the preseason on every team. Everyone who has watched the team in preseason can see that this team is on the same page. If watching Turner run doesn't make you a believer then nothing will. Injuries is the only thing that worries me about this team. If Turner goes down... it's over.

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Look I'm a big falcon fan from day 1 and I have high hopes for this year, BUT look at the team from a distance


D-line same as 07 minus R Coleman does not stack up well

MLB rookie (or inexperienced 2nd year player @ MLB) not good

OLB look good

CB totally inexperienced

S Milloy good, E. Coleman in past has been a good back up


QB either a rookie or a veteran with multiple failures

O-line rookie, 2nd year, same old center, unknown (Dahl), backup (Clabo)

RB starter has only been a backup, backup has shown flashes but still green

WR only one WR has had one good year others all only slightly adequate

TE Blocker only

FB Blocker only

That's not the way you and I see them but anyone not knowing the team would definitely see them that way

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