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Odds on the Falcons and various players


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Here are the current lines on the Falcons for this season. These are the real money odds and not just something from USA Today.

Feel free to discuss.

Team Odds

Odds to win the 2009 Super Bowl XLIII

Atlanta Falcons 200/1

Odds to win the 2008 NFC Championship

Atlanta Falcons 75/1

Odds to win the NFC South Division

Atlanta Falcons 18/1

Win Totals

Atlanta Falcons Regular Season Wins

Over 4.5 -130

Under 4.5 Even

Atlanta Falcons Regular Season Home Wins

Over 3 -130

Under 3 Even

Atlanta Falcons Regular Season Away Wins

Over 2 Even

Under 2 -130

Player Performance Odds

Matt Ryan Passing Yards

Over/Under 2600

Matt Ryan Passing Touchdowns

Over/Under 13.5

Matt Ryan Interceptions

Over/Under 14

Matt Ryan Pass Completion Percentage

Over/Under 58.5%

Michael Turner Rushing Yards

Over/Under 1060

Michael Turner Total Touchdowns

Over/Under 7

Jerious Norwood Rushing Yards

Over/Under 525

Jerious Norwood Total Touchdowns

Over/Under 3

Roddy White Receiving Yards

Over/Under 1060

Roddy White Touchdowns

Over/Under 5.5

Laurent Robinson Receiving Yards

Over/Under 525

Laurent Robinson Touchdowns

Over/Under 3

Michael Jenkins Receiving Yards

Over/Under 475

Jamaal Anderson Sacks

Over/Under 3.5

John Abraham Sacks

Over/Under 8.5

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Ten bucks to win 180 for NFC South? Thats worth the gamble. Much better than Keno.

I like the Turner TD's, Turner yards - we are going to be a rushing team.

KInda like the Ryan passing yards. Jenkins yards - if he plays, great bet. Norwood yards - he averages 5 per carry,thats only 35 yards a game - is this right?

Going to Vegas next week anyhow - I'll verify and make a play.

Thanks for reporting this.

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