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You think Mullarkey will use certain formations because of the defenses blitzing us like crazy with a rookie QB?

Maybe 3 WR sets or 4 WR sets?

The Patriots have basically their 3 WR set as their base (or most commonly used) formation.

Maybe formations with Norwood and Turner in at same time.

I know we want to be a running team but Ryan does seem to be adept at picking up blitzes and we may benefit from

some multiple WR sets.

Ryan will possibly have to burn some teams before they back off.

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I think our basic formation will be the I-Formation and sets with multiple TEs, with an occasional 3 and maybe 4 WR sets. Our biggest or main offensive weapons are Turner, Norwood, Ovie, and White. We have potential in Laurent Robinson, Jenkins, and Douglas as well. However, since we are looking for a power running scheme expect the I-Formation sets.

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All I'm asking is ......

....If Ryan becomes a dink and dunk passer and we run the ball a lot.

Could lead to some problems.

I think we all can agree though that Ryan is gonna have to burn some teams before

they back off.

I'm just thinkin' we ought to do a little more to make 'em back off.

You can always run from a 3 WR set of course.

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Well, like I've said before....don't hate God, don't hate America, don't hate freedom, and don't hate free enterprise.

Give peace of mind a chance :P :P :lol:

And also ....I might add.....you might want to put Ryan in some 3 and 4 WR sets. :D

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Team's will stack the line if they cannot stop the run with their front 7 normally; but Muarkey will use boot-legs, play-action, and other gadget plays to keep the defense honest. That is what he is known to do.

You mean will get to see Norwood pass ? Harry Douglas ?

You're probably right......I just wonder if Ryan is gonna be a dink and dunker at the beginning.

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