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Postion by postion analysis


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If you look at our team by position by position analysis, you can see the improvements we have made.

QB: Matt Ryan has fairly beat the competition and shows he can outplay any QB we had last year

RB: Turner a def upgrade over Dunn. Norwood to be utilized more.

FB: No change but Ovie will be utilized more in this offense

WR: Roddy white will only improve. Jenkins is emerging as a more reliable player. Robinsion is in his second year and will continue impress. Finny is back and is a great 3rd down option. Douglas is a excellent route running rookie and will be sure to surprise.

TE: One of the few Downgrades, but Marcus pollard can add the receiving threat, with Ben Providing the blocking aspect.

OL: Weiner returns to solidify the RT and bring leadership. Blalock stays at his natural position at LG and is already showing second year improvements. Dahl is starting to improve and will win RG. Mclure is healthy and will be our center. And rookie LT Sam Baker is continuing to impress holding his own against elite DE's.

DL: Still weak but the addition of Jackson with provide a force up the middle and allow Anderson ann Abraham to be more effective at both pass rushing and run blocking

LB: Strongest part of out our team. Boley is an emerging Star. Lofton is proving he can make an impact as a rookie. Brooking moves back to his natural position and will be a strong force. And there is plenty of depth to back them up

DB: Only other downgrades. Loss of Hall is a big hit but Houston seems to be catching on and Grimes UDFA is making an impact, showcasing his awesome athletic ability and wowing teams with his coverage skills. Rookie Jackson also has shown flashes of what is too come. Our SS softy stays the same but Milloy seems prepared to have a career year. And Coleman is a upgrade over Crocker at FS.

ST: Elam (if he gets it together) is an upgrade over Anderson. Jennings may have turned the corner and if not we have returners in Douglas, Norwood, and brown to take his spot.

Looking at how much we have improved over last season and how many close games we had last year.(two of which prater single handily threw away, and we all remember the titans game where we couldn't get it in from the 1.), i don't see how it is impossible for us to finish 7-9 or better and suprise alot of people.

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