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Ridgeland WR Bowman ready to talk to UGA coaches.


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Ridgeland’s Michael Bowman, arguably the state’s top wide receiver, says he plans to attend the Georgia-Georgia Southern game on Saturday.

Bowman wants to commit to Georgia, and says the Bulldogs have promised an offer, providing he raises his test scores. He talked to Georgia assistant Stacey Searels earlier this week.

“I called [searels] from a different cell number, and he was like ‘Who is this?’ Bowman said with a laugh. “I told him it was me, and he asked if I was coming to the game and about my grades.

“He said ‘We have big plans for you, just keep hanging in there. You know what it takes.’ He said they can start calling again on Sept. 1, and he plans on calling me every week.”

Bowman appears to be the only in-state receiver that interests Georgia.

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If we end up offering this kid, I REALLY hope it doesn't come back to haunt us. I know he's had some character issues, but I hope he's left that behind.

You would think the awesome example his brother provided for him will figure into his thought process.

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