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Letter To The Media From FF66

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Now, on a serious note :

I read it. I enjoyed your words of pride and passion. I admire you for same.

We are going to..............SHOCK THE WORLD !!!!

And, the words "How sweet it is" won't even come close to what we all will experience, what we all will feel, what we all will share.

Thank you fellow Falcon Fan.........................it's coming.

GO FALCONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What's funny is that last year we were as low as any fans could get and most of the media appears to want to KEEP US DOWN! I can feel something special brewing with this team, the feeling I haven't had since... I'd have to really say, the 1981 season. Never have I been looking as forward to a Falcons season as I am this year. There's so much positive going on right now just one year removed from so much negative. Yeah, we are going to shock a lot of people but I kind of like the oppurtunities we have to do it all under the radar for now! And... You are most certainly welcome my fellow Falcon Fan!

great post 66 and I pretty much agree with all of it. Our OL is going to be one of the strength's of the team. If we get good qb play from Ryan who I think is going to be the talk of the NFL this yr we will upset some teams early on. On the other side of the coin, our DL concerns me. Our pass rush could be pretty bad if J Anderson doesn't step up. Abe will be great IF he stays healthy and I think Grimes is a future pro bowler. The bottom line is the Falcons are going to WIN in the very near future because Uncle Author made the best decision in the history of this franchise when he hired TD. IT WILL BE SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!

If Ryan plays the season as well as he did the preseason, he'll definitely take ROY honors this year. I believe we have an offense capable of scoring a lot but they do have to sustain and finish their drives and stop acting like the Red Zone is a Red Light! As for the "D", I still see them giving up a lot of points, let's just hope that our offense can score more than the defense allows opposing offenses to score. TD was an awesome catch and acquiring Smitty from the Jags wasn't just the cherry on top, but the ice cream between the bananas!

Awesome post. Its people like you that I want the Falcons to finally win the Super Bowl for. As Yoda would say "soon you will be with him". I believe!

Thanks so much for your statement. As sweet as 1998 was, losing that Super Bowl was kind of bittersweet, but not nearly as bittersweet as losing that 1980 playoff game to Dallas. We had the BEST team in pro football for that one year and didn't finish the job. Maybe as a result of the changes made, that we'll not just win it once but multiple times. We got a really good set of playmakers here, we just need to let them get some experience under their belts and fill a few more holes here and there.

This year the Falcons become a team to be reckoned with, next year a potential powerhouse, and in two years a juggernaut! Go You NASTY BIRDS, Get In Their Faces!

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i agree with you about being as excited as i have been in a long time & feel something brewing....im also thiking that if this draft is as good as it seems, how good...let me rephrase that....great are we going to be with 2-3 more drafts & being a not so young , but experienced team....that was what i was thinking in an earlier post when i mentioned elite & dynasty....i appreciate your passion for this team, because i feel the same way,& like you, always will & when we start winning & are respected, theyre will be more young fans that are rooting for this team now that in 20-30 years will feel the same way

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Yeah, because the Falcons and they're turrible franchise never deserves to be disrespected.

Man, there will be many on this board that jump off a cliff after the 4th game when you're 0-4.

It's going to be epic

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To All You So-Called Sports Writers & Media People:

I write this message today because of something that's quietly going on in a place that was the focus of attention, although of a lesser kind, during the 2007 NFL preseason and season. This place is Flowery Branch, Georgia, a place where the media was attracted to last year for the sole reason of seeing the fallout of a team that had lost its' key player, and that you people had gained yet another reason to disrespect my favorite NFL yet again. Once again, my Atlanta Falcons had become disrespected by the media and the fallout was an abysmal season followed by a an absolute atrocious act of cowardice committed by one head coach before the season had completed.

This disrespect goes much further and deeper than just the 2007 season. You see, I've been an Atlanta Falcons fan since I was five years old back in 1966. I didn't know Tommy Nobis when he was drafted, but I did get to see him play on TV. He would have to go down in history as one of the Top Ten Linebackers to ever play the game. It's apparent that none of you media types have ever seen him play or he would have been elected to the NFL's 'Hall of Fame', which is seemingly a mythical and a joke of a place because once again, my favorite NFL team, nor any of its' players, get no respect.

In 1971, Monday Night Football debuted with Howard Cosell & Company on ABC. For once a nationally televised game broadcasted during prime time. Not only did the Falcons get disrespected in not getting hardly any games played on MNF, but when the Falcons pulled the occasional upset on Sunday, Cosell did another job of disrespecting them by barely showing them in his 'Monday Night Highlight' reels. It was easy to say, Howard disliked my favorite NFL team. I disliked Howard for it too.

1978, The "Grits Blitz" Defense became one of the most dominating defenses to ever be fielded in NFL History. This defense allowed fewer points per game than the media's darlings, the 1985 Chicago Bears and the 2000 Baltimore Ravens. Unfortunately we didn't have the offense to match and the Falcons had more work to do, still disrespected but maybe not quite as much.

1980, The Falcons finally win their first West Division title. It still makes me wonder why the NFL put a team located on the Eastern Seaboard in its' Western Division (and the Dallas Cowboys in the Eastern Division). If that was the case, maybe we would have faced the Rams instead of the Cowboys in the playoffs that year and history would have been re-written. But never the less, the loss to the Cowboys, in a year that we were respected, and picked to win the NFC Championship, but only for another losing season and further disrespect in 1981.

1998, The 'Dirty Birds', a nickname given to the Falcons this particular year where the level of play was highest since the 'Grits Blitz'. This Super Bowl team featured a power running game as well as a decently balanced passing attack. Over 30 years I had supported this franchise and to win the NFCCG over the Vikings was something I'll never forget. Minnesota had all but had their tickets for Miami and the disrespect towards the 'Birds in that game was building up then a fire got lit up and opportunity opened the door and we walked right through there, shocked those Vikings fans and stole their tickets to the Super Bowl. Although still being disrespected (For stealing the game), us long time fans were excited to say: "The Falcons are going to the Super Bowl!" We lost the game and the next season, lost Jamal Anderson and had yet another losing record.

2004, the Falcons make it to the NFCCG after beating the 'Greatest Show On Turf' 47-17 only to lose to the Eagles who finally found a way to stop our one-dimensional offense and also expose the weaknesses of the QB who was basically, single handedly running the offense. Some respect is given as we're picked (along with the Eagles) as a top contender for the 2005 season in which we opened vs. Philadelphia and hand them a whipping. But this would be the last of our high hopes as the 'train-wreck' was about to begin after this 8-8 season and the forthcoming chain of events starting with the 2006 season, when the QB flips off his fans and the Head Coach is replaced after the end of the season.

2007, Yes, you media hounds lust for this year, the absolute worst nightmare of a year that only true fans of this franchise would have to survive, sometimes wanting to give up. I'm not going into the events that happened but rather how it felt. To you media people, it would have been like Derek Jeter going to jail, and Joe Girardi leaving right now, during the last month of the Yankees season. Only having the players find a note in their locker room stating he left to go elsewhere. The difference being that the Yankees have long been a winning organization, the Falcons have been just the opposite. Us true fans pay our dues like no other team's fans and still get no respect for being loyal.

2007, A lot of the Falcons' "Bandwagon" fans turned their backs and fled, even before the head coach did. "Good riddance", we say. These people weren't fans of a team, but only of a circus sideshow. You see them occasionally, and their comments don't reflect support of the team nor do they like the changes that the team has made since the 'train wreck', which shaked the foundations, earned more media attention than has ever been obtained, and basically changed, not only the Falcons' franchise, but the NFL as a whole entity. For once, even us lifetime fans possibly questioned our loyalties because this was so hard to swallow. But as bad as 2007 was, we were a better team than the Miami Dolphins, a franchise that tasted much success.

Now to the present. During this past offseason, many moves were made by this franchise that many of you media types have totally written off and consider in a full 'rebuilding mode'. Starting at the top a new GM was hired, then a new Head Coach and staffing changes were made. Several key contributors that played on this team were released (Crumpler and Dunn) and picked up from other teams. Those that stated that they didn't want to be here were either traded (in the likes of Deangelo Hall), or cut from the team only to find out that if you were cut from here, you might as well go to the unemployment office (such is the case with Jimmy Williams and Joe Horn). How's THAT for disrespect?

This year's draft has resulted in new starters on offense: QB Matt Ryan, LT Sam Baker and WR Harry Douglas. Depth at RB is deep with the signing of Michael Turner, returning veterans Jerious Norwood & Jason Snelling, and rookie RB Thomas Brown. The WR corps is strong with Roddy White, who had a breakout season last year, Laurent Robinson, who is going into his second year and showed much promise last season. There's also the return of Brian Finneran after being out for two full seasons appears to have regained his signature 3rd Down conversion abilities. 2004 first round choice Michael Jenkins also returns and has shown significant improvement in preseason, especially with Ryan at the helm. The offensive line, a unit many consider very bad, has been hugely successful in preseason and made the decision to start a rookie QB a very easy one to make. This unit has shown a lot of intensity and somewhat questionable play and has seemingly garnished the new nickname, "The Nasty Birds". Just anyone try to disrespect this unit and they'll get in your face for it!

The defense, another big question mark, has kept opposing offenses from the end zone for 10 straight quarters going into their last preseason game. The LB corps is rock solid and the DBs have been playing very solid in their coverages. With Hall gone, a new talent has emerged in CB Brent Grimes who has been playing lights out in his preseason coverages. The defensive line has returning DE John Abraham who is a dominating pass rusher as well as a re-signed Grady Jackson, a DT that eats up a lot of space in the trenches. This unit may be the weakest link of the team as special teams has played very well during preseason. But as well as the new staff has done in addressing potential shortcomings so far, the defense will most definitely become 'Priority #1' during a draft next year that will certainly have a lot of great defensive players emerging from the college ranks.

Although another postseason game may not be in the cards this season, it is definitely not out of the realm of possibility! The offense here is capable of putting up a lot of points once Ryan gels as the QB and if the running game with Turner gets established, you can see a lot of possession time by this offense and little time for the defense to be in harm's way. Being picked to go 1-15 and/or 3-13 seems to be the norm from the media types this year and once again, their disrespect for this organization is unparralleled and they've seemingly chose to show their backs toward the Falcons, the same way the 'Bandwagoneers' have over the past year. Us true blue Falcons fans that have grown with this franchise see something really special happening here and it's our wish that you continue with your disrespect and hope that the rest of the NFL follows suit. But let me forewarn you now that I am a fan that's going to get rewarded for ALL of the heartbreak, ALL of the let downs and above all, ALL of the DISRESPECT that has come with being a lifelong fan of the Atlanta Falcons when they pull upset over upset this upcoming season. Then in the upcoming seasons, I finally get rewarded with back-to-back winning seasons for the first time. And in the end, I believe we will return to the Super Bowl and bring home that legendary Lombardi Trophy, and finally get that respect that has eluded us since 1966, when the Falcons made their first pick on who many consider the best Falcon to ever play the game, Tommy Nobis.

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OUTSTANDING Post. stop it ff66, your're making me feel old. I too have been a diehard fan since their inception. Appreciate the trip down memory land, left out RB Junor Coffey, QB Randy Johnson, etc(LOL) GREAT READ. 9 wins 7 losses , in my opinion, and opinions are like azz holes, everyone has one, is quite possible.

Coffey was a beast in his day, R Johnson, well, you could say he was an early version of David Carr. He (Johnson) had 'catapults' blocking for him where seemingly defensive players got 'launched' straight into poor Randy. David Carr would have been in the 'nuthouse' after a couple of games with the 'protection' we had back then.

As for picking wins/losses for the year, I'm not even going there because if I pick them to have a winning record.... well, you know the story. I just want to see a positive progression with Ryan getting the needed experience for becoming an elite QB, plus I would like to see our power running game start to gather some steam. I still feel like the defense will have some glaring holes on the front line and I'm still not totally comfortable with the passing coverage but they've been playing well in preseason and I can only hope this trend can continue.

Speaking of trips down memory land, do you remember that MNF game where QB "General" Bob Lee (and RB Dave Hampton) led us to victory against the Tarkenton-led Minnesota Vikings? The 1973 season was a really special season (Our first winning record at 9-5) for the Falcons. The opening game that year was a thorough drubbing of the Saints by the blowout of 62-7! The Falcons gathered in SIX INTs in that game!

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